After a fifteen-year career as a painter and sculptor, Victoria’s interest in mineral specimens led her to take a few basic lessons at the Santa Fe School of Metalsmithing.  Enchanted with the Southwest, she stayed on, teaching herself to refine her jewelry-making techniques. Victoria eventually opened a gallery on Canyon Road, exhibiting her painting and jewelry, as well as the work of other contemporary artists. 

Contemporary certainly defines the style of Victoria’s jewelry—it is large… dramatic. It makes a statement! Using mixed metals and a variety of semi-precious stones and rare fossils, the unique shapes of her pieces are embellished with cut outs and swirls for a modern, one-of-a-kind look.

Victoria’s life style is also unique.  While in Santa Fe, she lived in the mountains east of town in a rustic cabin with no plumbing and no central heating—wood was the only source of heat.  Now she lives on Cape Cod in an old colonial house built in 1796. Odd choices for this very contemporary artist. Or perhaps just evidence of her creative and unique take on life--as well as art.