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Rikki Vieira

Rikki Vieira was born in Cairns, tropical North Queensland, Australia in 1988. In 2008 Rikki made the move to Santa Fe, New Mexico where she now resides. Rikki has enjoyed more than five years collaboration with her partner and award winning silversmith, Bo Lopez. In jewelry making, her notable talent is expressed in the areas of creative design and beadwork. Passionately devoted to exploring different dimensions of artistic expression, in addition to jewelry, Rikki has excelled in both advanced traditional hand-building Pueblo pottery and photography at the Santa Fe Community College. She has also studied under acclaimed Santa Fe beadwork artist, Nance Lopez.

Rikki is an intuitive artist and designer who is adept at conveying her joyful inspirations from the heart into tangible form for others to enjoy. Her philosophy is based on the intention to share effervescent joy, beauty and abundance. Hallmarks inclusive in her work are the essences of nature, discovery and exploration.

A passion for nature and the exquisite symbolism it imparts fuels Rikki’s abundant creative inspiration. She is also continually inspired by Bo and his endlessly creative family.

Artist Statement:

All my artistic creations joyfully live themselves through me. I love allowing nature to speak to me and share its valuable messages in symbolic form. My creations are my purpose; they are heartfelt expressions of my profound gratitude for this life. Many of our pieces are conceived in this way.

As you’ll see, the jewelry appears holographic. AT first glance they are strikingly bold and beautiful but as you take a closer look, the intricate details truly emerge revealing the skillful engraving. The rendering of organic forms expressed through the swooping scrolls, unfurling flowers and intricate shading all combine in an exquisite visual portrayal of our original intent; to imbue every piece with a “felt” sense of radiance, beauty and nature.

Our unique one-of–a–kind jewelry stands alone in its vale as it’s sought after by collectors all around the world.

Finally, my partnership with Bo holds within it eh ever-increasing excitement of creation. WE enjoy a treasured collaboration which is a crucial element in the formation of our jewelry. That is why these pieces come together so beautifully and harmoniously.