Patrick and Anita Ohlinger

I came to Taos, New Mexico in early 1968 at the age of thirteen and found myself intrigued with the art and culture around me, particularly the “old Pawn” silverwork of the Navajo, Zuni and Hopi tribes. I admired their exquisitely simple articles for daily use and personal adornment, especially the concho belt. It was 1969 when I started working silver and to this day my favorite concho design continues to be traditional “Old Pawn” style.

In the ‘70s I was part of a group of artists who formed a workshop/community at the Mabel Dodge Lujan house in Taos, aptly known as “The Big House,” which spurred a revival in the handcrafted jewelry industry. You may have heard some “Big House” stories…some are true and some are not!!

I met Anita in 1983 and we’ve been working together ever since to create classical yet innovative Southwestern jewelry with a “New West” flavor, a style for which Santa Fe has become well known. I make my own stamps and believe that tool making is an integral part of silversmithing. We are best known for our stamp work. It is handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail that, I think, gives it a timeless quality which people seem to appreciate.