Pamela Chappell

Pamela Chappell’s intricately handcrafted vibrant bracelets are the result of more than thirty years of artistic innovation. Pamela fell in love with beadwork while attending a Pow Wow in the Taos pueblo of New Mexico many years ago. She is a self-taught artist. She began by beading medicine bags and selling them to various New Mexican Pueblos: Taos and San Ildefonso. Her talents also allowed her to work with clothing designers for ten years. Now, however, she prefers to dedicate her time to her craft. A single bracelet may take between three and ten hours of intense meticulous work depending on the size and difficulty of the pattern. Pamela finds her inspiration in nature and the many color spectrums and geometrical patterns she encounters there.

When a client purchases one of her bracelets Pamela believes they are not merely buying an adornment but also welcoming happiness. Each client, she suggests, has a specific and important connection to the figures in the bracelet that they choose. “My belief,” she says “is that we have a heart song that awakens our heart. All these figures can awaken the heart and open our connection back to spirit.” She regards her bracelets as a type of song. “Songs are colors in motion” she believes, “my bracelets are a type of music that brings people to joy.”