Kit Carson

Kit Carson, named after the famous frontier scout of the Old West, was raised on an Arizona ranch. He loved the beautiful engraving on his toy gun and knew then what he wanted to be when he grew up. Gunslinger? No…the best engraver in the Wild, Wild West.

His work combines years of creative skill with a love of great design and whimsical humor. Using images from the romantic Old West, Alice in Wonderland, and the Mexican Day of the Dead, Kit finishes each piece to heirloom quality. Every design is lovingly engraved in sterling silver and/or 18K or 22K gold and then set with dazzling, colorful gemstones.

One of Kit’s favorite themes, The Day of the Dead, depicts the Mexican celebration of remembering all loved ones who have passed away. It is a positive festivity, steeped in tradition, reverence and humor.  Bones have their own natural beauty and, as Kit likes to say, “Beauty is Bone Deep!”

Kit Carson and his work are known and respected internationally.