Kevin Randall Sterling

Upon entering the studio of Kevin Randall one can sense creative energies at work. A true visionary, Kevin’s sense of style and commitment to exceptional quality and attention to detail puts him on the cutting edge of Native American Handmade Jewelry. With a background in graphic design and commercial art, Kevin was drawn to the cultural beauty and technical execution of Native American Jewelry. IN January of 1973 he opened a small shop dedicated to the promotion of exquisite handmade sterling silver jewelry. As a renowned jewelry designer Kevin continues to produce unique designs based on his commitment to the artist, the Native Culture, and his love for the Navajo People.

All of Kevin Randall’s work is handcrafted and set with the highest quality of stones. His strength lies in unique, vibrant color combinations and artistic designs worked into two basic collection. The Traditional Native American Collection draws upomn the use of turquoise, coral, lapis, and spiny oyster shell. The fashion Jewelry Collection uses semi-precious gemstones mixed together to compliment today’s fashion and color trends.

Kevin radiates an appreciation for the enduring beauty and continuation of this cultural art form. With his easy smile and warm laughter one can’t help but admire his convictions and talent.