Kenneth Aguilar

Kenneth Aguilar was born and raised in Santo Domingo Pueblo in Northern New Mexico where he learned to make traditional Native American jewelry from his parents who, in turn, learned the art from their parents. His father was a traveling artist who went from state to state selling his jewelry. Today, Kenneth and his wife Angie follow in his father’s footsteps and have been making jewelry for more than 25 years.

AS a young man, Kenneth attended the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he honed his skills in art and design. HE enjoys working with unusual stone and appreciates the natural high-grade turquoise from Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico. Kenneth incorporates turquoise with stones like gaspeite, lapis, sugilite, opal and coral. He and his wife also do inlay work on shell with colorful stones and silver. The Aguilars are proud of the quality of their handmade work and proud to be able to introduce the traditions of their ancestors to new generations of collectors.