Haley Family

My name is Ruby Becenti Haley, born for Naashgal dinei-deeshchii’nii into Tobazniiazii, married to Benjamin Haley, from Twin Lakes, NM. We have one son, Ben, and two daughters, Veitenia & Victoria. WE come from a long history of silversmithing on both sides of our family. Silversmith was passed down from my paternal grandmother Elsie Lee Becenti’s, Father, Hastii’Litsooii Le (Yellowman Lee). It was then passed on down to my father Ned Becenti who married my mother Rhoda Begay after he came back from the Korean war. My dad taught my mother and her sisters. I was only 5 years old when I started learning the basics: milling, fabricating, soldering, (shine or old style) to make a round bead. I am the fourth generation and our children fifth generation. Our eight Grandchildren, the sixth generation, have already begun to make beads themselves. We value our handmade beads and continue to pass down that value to the future generations of our family. Thank you very much for your support. The Haley Family