Frank Valdez

Frank, born in Cimarron, New Mexico and raised in Taos, has a family background that sounds like a cultural event-----part Spanish and Pueblo Native American with a dash of Irish and Austrian thrown in. A Vietnam veteran, Frank has seen many places in the world but for him home is and always will be, New Mexico.

Frank’s upbringing stressed self reliance and nurtured creativity-traits that certainly played a part in his development as an artist. In the seventies, Frank assisted Duane Hopper, a highly respected maker of concho belts. Frank then continued to make his own jewelry, developing his individual techniques and stylistic approach. Since his jewelry is made completely by hand, no two pieces are ever alike. He is known for the fine stamping, small turquoise or coral stones and antique finish he uses on many of his pieces. His work can be found in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C.