Clif Doran

Clif Doran’s life parallels his art. His allegiance to tradition goes hand in hand with his creative, contemporary beat. For this reason he lives in Santa Fe. “Santa Fe is the most practical place for me to live.  It’s also convenient. Here I can keep up with what’s going on in the world of theater and film and, at the same time, I’m only a short drive to the reservation so I can keep in touch with the traditions of my craft.”

Clif lives and thrives in two worlds: one as a professional actor (Clif has worked for both stage and screen his entire life); the other is as a craftsman. Clif first started making jewelry in 1980 after working in a gold and silver refinery. “I knew the basics of working with metal and I had my own imagination and intuition to get some good pieces made. But when I started learning from fellow jewelers, particularly my brother Walt, that’s when I began getting my own unique style.”

Clif has been living in Santa Fe for almost forty years.  He is a master silversmith.