Bo Lopez

Bo Lopez was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico May 21 1983. He is a jeweler and master hand-engraver who has won many prestigious awards. HE attributes his artistic good fortune to being born, raised and trained by two extremely gifted artists, highly acclaimed Spanish Colonial artist, Ramon Jose Lopez and award-winning beadwork artist, Nance Lopez.

Bo’s training began at an early age with his father teaching him the fine art of gold and silver-smithing among many other diverse skills such as painting, drawing, carving, tin-smithing and carpentry. He then spent the next 20 years studying and perfecting his greatest creative mastery which is the rare skill and craft of hand-engraving.

Since 2009, Bo has enjoyed a wonderfully inspiring and creative collaboration with his partner, gifted artist Rikki Vieira. Together Bo and Rikki design and create exquisite handmade jewelry, with many pieces showcasing Bo’s innovative and extraordinary intricate hand-engraving.

The greatest influence in Bo’s wo
rk is clearly evident; it arises from his passion for the beauty of nature. Bo and Rikki are inspired to use many techniques that they have learned and mastered to create their captivating one-of-a-kind jewelry. All their work is handmade with love in their workshop, each piece being carefully designed to be functional, comfortable, and beautiful.

Bo and Rikki’s jewelry clearly reflect their delightful philosophy. The joy and beauty of nature and life fuels their creative inspiration, giving them the stillness and peace required to trust and flow in the direction of intuitive guidance. Perhaps Bo’s greatest joy comes from sharing these exquisite pieces with those who genuinely appreciate them.

Artist Statement:

AT age eleven I began my silver-smithing apprenticeship with my father, highly acclaimed Spanish Colonial artist, Ramon Jose Lopez. From him I learned the many varied skills and techniques that I have refined over 20 years. My artistic skills were further encouraged by my mother, award-winning beadwork artist, Nance Lopez. Today, I am a master hand-engraver which is a rare skill and craft. And I continue to learn new techniques, engraving with microscopic detail as produced in the very fine hand-engraved jewelry we create today. My gifted parents remain my greatest influences to this day. I have enjoyed many different skills and art forms over the years including drawing, painting and carpentry. All these now refined skills and abilities contribute greatly to the high standard that hallmarks our fine jewelry. Collaborating with my partner and gifted artist, Rikki Vieira is immensely encouraging and fulfilling. In our joined inspiration we are gently and sometimes passionately moved to create by the presence and beauty of nature. The process of creating these often intricately hand-engraved pieces requires nothing less than a deep state of meditation; of refined attunement with the essence and beauty that begs to be expressed in form.

Our unique one-of-a-kind jewelry stands alone in its value as it’s sought after by collectors all around the world. Perhaps our greatest joy comes from sharing these exquisite pieces with those who genuinely appreciate them. I love to see people who have enjoyed our work for many years, wearing our jewelry every day as they share the many compliments they receive and the joy it brings them.